Biodiversity of Greece is extremely valuable for all the citizens of the country, so the supreme duty of every individual and every corporation is to protect and enhance it. In this context, the Group, with respect to the environment and the particular architectural tradition of each region, does its utmost while preserving the natural environment where its hotels operate.

  • In general, indigenous species are used for the planting of the hotel landscapes, with a constant effort to increase the variety of species and the number of plants, while bio-management of the hotel gardens with efforts to conserve and increase beneficial insects and micro-organisms endemic to the local ecosystem, with the release of beneficial insects and micro-organisms, is implemented. 
  • In addition, continuous training of the «green group» of each hotel on sustainable land management practices and soil health are carried out.

We truly believe that as a group, by presenting in detail our results and making efforts for the environment, we also urge people to become a part of these actions by protecting the environment, the flora/fauna, as well as by boosting the local community.