We Do Local

Local Products

With love and devotion to our homeland, the Group has once again contributed to boosting the local economy of Crete and Santorini, strengthening local traders and producers. By preferring and purchasing products mainly from Crete and Santorini, we ensure their financial support. Besides, by preferring local products we make sure that our hotel guests enjoy local produce, through which they get to know the tradition of the place they have visited.

Origin of Group’s food supplies

  • Crete 43,24% 
  • Greece 25,24% 
  • Santorini 0,99%
  • Import 30,54% 
  • 113 local producers in Crete and Santorini


Local Economies

Metaxa Hospitality Group operates on a solid financial basis reinvesting and providing a significant impact on the local community and government. Always aiming to contribute to the local community, the Group employed and trained 657 local employees (98.2%) in 2018, thus, contributing to their vocational training and lifelong learning. Metaxa Hospitality Group supported the local community providing as income a total amount of 9,458,168.35 euros.

Origin of employees

  • 535 are from Crete
  • 122 are from the rest of Greece
  • 12 Foreign Employees 
  • Annual Turnover 37,537,434,00 €
  • Income contribution to the local communities 9,458,168.35 €
  • Tax and contribution to society 24,861,159 €



Having people as the cornerstone of our philosophy, we stand by the local societies we operate in. We take initiatives and support actions that promote social solidarity, civilisation, sport, volunteerism, education and much more.

Donation program

  • Reto Hellas Association - Challenge for hope
  • Panhellenic Association "Frodida" for people suffering from cerebral palsy
  • Social Pharmacy of the Municipality of Thira, 
  • Monastery of Panagia Gouverniotissa
  • The Smile of the Child
  • Association "Right to Life" founded by parents and friends of people with disabilities, Monastery of Paliani in Venerato
  • Homeless Shelter of Municipality of Heraklion
  • Heraklion Development Agency (UN Refugees' Temporary Shelter)
  • Organisation for Social Solidarity & Education of Municipality of Archanes-Asteroussia
  • Health Center of Agia Varvara
  • Detention facility of Neapolis
  • General Hospital of Rethymnon
  • Heraklion General Hospital "Venizeleio-Pananeio" 
  • Primary schools of Heraklion
  • Elderly Care Unit "Zesti Agalia"
  • Guesthouse "Frodida - Hjem" for the Elderly
  • Office of Social Protection, Education & Culture of the Municipality of Hersonissos



Participation of the Group's employees in the annual blood donation and "Clean Up the Med" and tree preservation programs

Sponsorship program

  • "Quality life with cancer" for patients suffering from neoplastic diseases 
  • "Panthiraikos" AC of Thira 
  • Santorini Experience
  • "Arkadi" Cultural Club
  • Cultural Club of Akrotiri in Thira
  • Municipality of Santorini


Public Awareness and Education

Participation in the innovative environmental program "We Are The Environment" focused on raising public awareness on the protection of the environment from plastic overuse. The plan included educating High School students about the harmful consequences from the use of plastic and making and selling the eco- "WATERBAG" in points of interest. 



Regarding the actions carried out to inform the visitors, there is detailed information provided on each sustainable action of the Group. Upon arrival, visitors are informed about Metaxa Hospitality Groups' sustainability actions and have the opportunity to take part.

  • The "Back-of-House" tour (kitchens, warehouse etc.)
  • Environmental activities (Tree Maintenance, Clean Up The Med),  
  • Traditional activities (the revival of the Cretan Vintage, Cheese Production, sheep shearing, harvesting, traditional cooking lessons)