Professional, environmentally friendly cleaning detergents

Recognising the impact of chemical cleansers on the environment, from the very first moment there has been an effort to reduce conventional detergents and purchase their respective organic ones, while in the future we are planning to replace them entirely.



Recycling has always been an integral part of the Group's environmental awareness. Creta Maris aims to be the first zero-waste hotel in Greece. All recyclable materials are collected and sent for recycling. In 2018 we recycled 111,174.34 kilos of materials. 

Food "leftovers" disposal policy

As the Group's hotels operate on a seasonal basis, the quantities of raw materials purchased are specific so that no surplus is generated and no raw materials are thrown away. 

  • At the end of the tourist season, all sealed packages that may have been left over are donated to food-collection organizations for people in need.
  • Cooked meals that have been served on the buffet, based on food hygiene and management policy, are not stored and re-served.  
  • Cooked foods with no oil are separated and delivered for organic fertilizer production (compost). On a daily basis, food is stored in a designated area in the kitchens and is transported by employees to compost areas.
  • Food that has been cooked, not been served on the buffet and is not included in the next day's buffet program is served at the staff restaurants, following the proper preservation procedures. 
  • In the context of Metaxa Hospitality Group's waste policy as well as its sensitivity to issues that concerns animals, Creta Maris beach resort participates in a pilot program named F4F (Food for Feed) which converts all the food remaining into food for animals/pets. Daily the food remaining from the main restaurant is stored in a designated area of the resort and transported by an external collaborator to the F4F program facilities at Heraklion.