Work with us – Dream with us – Grow with us

As Metaxa Hospitality Group is growing and our needs also grow, we believe that having the appropriate people to work towards our goals is of the essence. So we want to invite you to join us if you find yourself attracted to be in a systematic team that is stepping towards making a positive impact on our society through a sustainable plan of action.

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We offer a friendly and warm working environment, in which our people promote authenticity and trust at every level.

At every opportunity we protect labor prosperity and harmony, having established a system of policies and values ​​that provide a stable and secure environment to the people who work with us.


Dream of your future position in the job market and we will give you the opportunity to become real within our Group.

Our core and fundamental value is every employee to envision the future by emphasizing the balance between the personal and professional life.

We actively support the changes in family life and we are next to our employees as humans who dream and create their happiness.


We respect the personal development goals of each of our employees and through our common evolutionary course, we take care to fill the highest vacancies by our existing staff.

We emphasize on the training of both knowledge and skills and invest in achieving the development goals of our employees.

We are proud of the Success stories of the people of our Group and we look forward to creating new ones.