Our values

We advance 

Authentic hospitality is in our DNA. Our guests become our friends and we share with them a five thousand years culture. The culture of friendship, kindness and respect. From the ancient times of Xenios Zeus to today's modern quality of services, the culture of hospitality constantly flourishes under the Greek light. We strive to provide genuine hospitality to all our guests. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional services while continually improving every field of hospitality. Our values rest on our desire to provide an unforgettable personalised holiday experience with impeccable attention to detail.

We belong 

We know by heart the regions in which we operate, and we strive to find creative ways to show the best of what they have to offer. Through our bespoke services and experiences, we showcase the local culture, heritage and gastronomy while preserving the environment and delivering a sustainable tourism product.

We create 

Experience is more than stay. We customise a perfect holiday lifestyle for as long as our guest decide to be with us. No matter if it is one day or one month, experiencing both our facilities and the destination through immersive activities and experiences are equally important to us. Our culture is our identity, and this is our signature on every experience we create.

We care

Our people are our family and who we are. With our handpicked and dedicated professionals we work and grow together on the road to success through lifelong learning, education and constant training. We are honoured by 669 loyal employees and our bonds remain strong throughout the years.

We inspire

We implement various multi-level actions of social responsibility and aim to stand out as a source of inspiration for other hoteliers. Our socially responsible character is reflected in the everyday operation of our hotels by consciously choosing local suppliers, encouraging local production, investing in cultural activities and hiring personnel from the areas in which we operate. We go local and empower local economies.

We act

It is our obligation to sustain responsible operations. From the design, construction and operation of our hotels to the entire guest experience, sustainability is embedded in our business strategy.
While integrating sustainability across all our hotels, we are continually working to further reduce our environmental impact. We partner with like-minded suppliers and focus on responsible, sustainable local sourcing.

We honour

The relationships we maintain with all our associates, from our suppliers and partners to our personnel and stakeholders, are built on the principles of honesty and mutual trust that have been developed through our four decades of operation. We are always open to new ideas and implementations that improve the quality of everything we do.