Message From CEO

We are all experiencing an unprecedented situation, as the world is being tested by an invisible threat which is spreading fast and induces dramatic results. In these hard times, our hearts go out to the ones who lost their lives or are now suffering from COVID-19.

Safeguarding human life is the number one priority right now. We stay home! We stay calm, positive and strong, following Authorities’ guidelines and the recommendations of the scientific community.

With determination and a high sense of personal and social responsibility, we are doing the right thing today, so that we are the winners of tomorrow. This way, we also pay tribute to men and women, who are fighting at the forefront of this fierce battle against the virus for the sake of all.

I am confident that by showing responsibility and solidarity, we shall soon be able to open a window of hope. Until then, all of us, the people of Metaxa Hospitality Group, we are doing our very best every day so that, as soon as the conditions allow, we will be ready to open our arms again and give a welcome hug to all of our guests. Just as authentic as ever. Bound together as a big family. Smiling and cheerful, in order to celebrate the beauty of life. All together.

Stay safe.

Andreas Metaxas