Our team

We are our people

Our people have a deep understanding of and unparalleled focus on the local hospitality and travel market. It is their innovative thinking, respect for the environment and attention to detail that leads us as a group moving forward.
Our people are our family and who we are. With our handpicked and dedicated professionals we work and grow together on the road to success through lifelong learning, education and constant training. We are honoured by 669 loyal employees and our bonds remain strong throughout the years.

Facts & Numbers

  • 669 Total Employees
  • 328 Men
  • 341 Female
  • 535 are from Crete
  • 122 are from the rest of Greece
  • 263 are between the 18-29 age group
  • 54 Trainees
  • We invest in lifelong learning, education and training of our employees through seminars and other activities. In 2018, 131 training seminars were held in addition to scheduled ones.