Using Energy from Renewable Sources

It is widely known that renewable energy sources contribute to the quality improvement of the environment, since, unlike conventional energy sources, they do not have an environmental impact. In addition, the use of these resources leads to financial savings. Having in mind all the benefits mentioned above, Metaxa Hospitality Group has installed solar panels for water heating. In this way, the annual savings amount to 3,319,000 kWh/ period, over the six months of the hotel operation, which corresponds approximately to 318,000 litres of LPG.


Efficient energy use

The measures adopted for the efficient use of energy are classified into those that can be taken at once, with minimal cost or no cost at all, and into those that require a significant investment. Aiming at efficient energy use, the Group has decided to proceed to investments. Specifically:

  • All rooms have been equipped with a magnetic card or key, which ensures that all electrical appliances (except air conditioners and refrigerators) are switched off when customers leave their room.
  • An additional switch has been installed in the bedrooms to disable air-conditioning every time someone opens a window or a door.
  • A central temperature control system has been installed in all bedrooms in order to control the reckless use of air-conditioning (very high- very low temperature). 
  • Incandescent and economy lamps have been replaced with LED light bulbs.
  • To optimise heat pumps operation, a metallic structure that allows for proper ventilation and more efficient function has been constructed, contributing to a reduction in the average oil consumption.
  • Air-conditioning has been set exclusively at 23 degrees Celsius in the summer months.
  • Staff training and information is provided so that they can take energy-saving measures (switch off lights and equipment when not in use, etc.) in their daily activities.