Sustainable Hospitality through Innovative Initiatives

An experiential 2-day event dedicated to Sustainable Hospitality, was organized by Metaxa Hospitality Group, from 23rd June to 25th June at Creta Maris Beach Resort facilities.

Metaxa Hospitality Group launched its two innovative initiatives “Sustainable Hotel Farming” and “Sustainable Supplies” while it also published its Sustainability Report for 2021.

Sustainable Hotel Farming regards the implementation of certified organic farming as well as sustainable food production practices that improve the soil’s health, reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and hidden water consumption, and enhance the resilience of local communities.

Moreover, it’s related with the hotels’ own food production, connecting the European strategy “From farm to Fork” with the “Zero Miles Food” direction, in the application of composting which strengthens Metaxa Hospitality Group’s strategy to “Zero Waste to Landfill”.

On the other hand, the “Sustainable Supplies” practice filters down the Group’s sustainable philosophy to its suppliers in order to educate them in terms of sustainable practices and sustainable corporate governance. Metaxa Hospitality Group is the first hotel Group in Greece that implements this strategy, involving 11 selected suppliers from the Food & Beverage sector with whom the Group has a long – term collaboration.

Metaxa Hospitality Group also highlighted the importance of local suppliers and local products through an experiential visit at the producers of Agricultural Cooperative of Lassithi Plateau. Moreover, the Group highlighted the added value to the local society, when you apply practices to improve the quality of life in agricultural areas.

The initiatives described above are a part of an integrated strategy which is implemented by Metaxa Hospitality Group in collaboration with an expert company in sustainable development practices, named Local Food Experts.

Metaxa Hospitality Group is committed to Sustainable Development’s goals, creating value for the people, markets, local communities, and the environment. As a leading hotel group in Greece, it’s distinguished over time for its commitment to the principles of sustainable development, which come out through all the actions of its operation.

Mr Andreas Metaxas, CEO of Metaxa Hospitality Group said:
“Sustainability is at the heart of our operation here at Metaxa Hospitality Group, and we implement innovative good practices that prove a great truth: If you can dream it, then you can do it. Apart from being a great power for economy, tourism also has a great power of transformation. We use this power to build a new culture of sustainability, which benefits the environment, the economy, and society. We are constantly working to laying the groundwork for a 'green bridge' to a sustainable tomorrow”